Under Armour’s Recycling Program

Men's-UA-Catalyst-Short-Sleeve-T-Shirt-(Solo)Can’t Miss HWP” could not be more excited to represent Under Armour and their commendable quest to improve production to lessen negative impacts on the environment. Many of you probably own some article of clothing with the recognizable “UA” symbol portraying your favorite Under Armour piece. What you most likely did not know, that same piece may have come from a recycled plastic bottle. It’s true.

The UA Green performance products are made from one liter plastic bottles, which in turn helps reduce waste to landfills and the need for raw materials derived from fossil fuels. In 2011, it was estimated that Under Armour recycled over 2,000,000 plastic bottles in their goal for such preservation.

UA-Men's-Catalyst-Short-Sleeve-T-Shirt-(Front)Amazingly, their commitment to environmental improvement does not stop with recycled plastic. Under Armour believes in refining every facet of their company to help the environment, from manufacturing, to packaging, to dying, and printing. For every kWh (kilowatt per hour) of energy that Under Armour uses, they purchase a kWh of certified, clean wind power from the grid and continue to find ways to reduce the amount of energy used to conduct business.

In addition, every Under Armour store and building utilizes energy efficient lighting and equipment, recycled displays, wood from responsibly managed forests, and much more.

Next time it’s time to purchase some new athletic wear, footwear, or equipment, remember that Under Armour is not only dedicated to meeting your high standards for excellence and technologically advanced performance products, but also your high expectations for environmental conservation and quality of living. This “Can’t Miss HWP” product is superior and would not want it any other way!



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