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Ask Dr. Know your questions. Not only is Dr. Know a holder of a doctorate, he can answer any questions you may have.

Dr. Know holds the knowledge of Hollywood’s Productions and knows everything there is to know about the mobile marketing agency that specializes in brand awareness and consumer interaction through the use of customized vehicles, sponsorship activation, sports and entertainment marketing, hospitality, sampling, and more.

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Hollywood’s Productions Inc. utilizes a fleet of mobile party bars, Airstream buses, sports utility vehicles, and much more. HWP can custom-build unique mobile marketing vehicles for our clients. HWP can also provide professional brand ambassadors and promotional models. 

Hollywood’s Productions Inc. is headquartered in Gaffney, South Carolina. HWP’s centrally located at 106 Hollywood’s Drive, between Charlotte, NC and Greenville, SC. HWP also has satellite offices in other areas of South Carolina, as well as Texas, Arizona, and Illinois.

Hollywood’s Productions owns – instead of leasing – the equipment provided to mobile marketing clients. This enables Hollywood’s to reduce program costs, and also provide equipment that is superiorly maintained.

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